Stain Resistant Tablecloth – Drawn Lines Medium 150cm x 250cm

A beautiful range of quality European fabric which has been cleverly processed with a Teflon Shield and fabric protector guaranteeing easy and quick cleaning with no need to be washed every time. This Teflon® by DuPont® treatment coats each fibre, protecting the fabric against stains, oil and water, whilst retaining the look and feel of soft table linens. Even red wine and tomato sauce just bead on top of the tablecloth enabling it to be easily wiped clean.

Fully hemmed tablecloth, packaged in a heavy clear protective package with hang-sell.

Care Instructions:
Sponge down immediately with clear water. In case of grease stains use soapy water.
When necessary wash the tablecloth in washing machine on a cold or warm wash – 40ºC maximum. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dry clean.
After washing, ironing the back reactivates the treatment.
We recommend only washing when necessary as repeated washing will wear away the protective coating over time.

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